On this page we’d like to give some space – and our heartfelt thanks – to the guitar players and enthusiasts who have taken the time to not only to find out about the Plek machine and the Plek process, but also to share that experience with other people.

We haven’t asked any of the people on this page to produce their videos, but we’re very grateful to them for doing so! Enjoy!

Rhett Shull visits Righteous Guitars to find out about the Plek machine

Australian guitarist Leon Todd talks about getting his guitars plek'd (part 1 of 4)

The repair guys from Canada's Cosmo Music talk about their Plek machine

Sweetwater (USA) and the Plek Pro system - The perfect upgrade for any guitar

Jörg Kuhlo from PlekHaus Berlin talks about the Plek service he offers guitarists

Yorkville Sound's Plek Station Tour & Demonstration

Getting a PLEK job from Thomann - Henning Pauly visits Europe's biggest online instrument dealer

The Plek Machine at The Music Gallery with George MacPhail

Rhett Shull gets a Plek scan of his brand new 2019 Les Paul Standard at Righteous Guitars

Kim from Charlie Chandler's Guitar Experience in London talks about using the Plek to refret a '62 Strat (part 1 of 2)

Dylan McKerchie talks to Scott from Righteous Guitars about what a Plek machine does