When configuring a Plek Pro to your individual requirements you would typically take advantage of our range of optional features designed to enhance specific aspects of your production. The result is a machine that is perfectly suited to your production environment.

For example, the HFS can also be used to plane the fingerboard, cut the fret slots, mark the pin holes on an acoustic bridge, cut the pocket for a nut or an acoustic saddle, or trim an acoustic bridge saddle to the exact height. Optional functions may require additional hardware, e.g. additional cutter bits.


Our software templates make it possible to define the recurring properties of instrument models and also set parameters of the Plek processes to be performed for a given model.

Automated Virtual Fretdress Adjustment (AVFA)
One of the core template functionalities is the AVFA – an automated version of the virtual fretdress which can automatically suggest a setting according to operator-defined tolerances. The system then either waits for manual confirmation or can be configured to continue automatically. A major time saver for production.

Board Planing
Fingerboard planing can be undertaken based on scan results and required parameters (compound radius, falloff etc).

Fret Slot Cutting
Fret slot cutting can be specified in terms of width and depth to follow the fretboard radius. The machine can be instructed to perform a “natural binding” by not cutting through the entire board.

Nut Pocket Cutting
A “pocket” for the nut can be cut into the fingerboard.

Saddle Cutting
This software add-on makes it possible to cut guitar saddles. String action is defined, and the saddle is placed in a vise during cutting. Options include cutting of the top and/or bottom of the saddle.

Saddle Slot Cutting
This add-on makes it possible to cut a slot into acoustic bridges. The cut is based on the Plek scan, so that the string spacing and the length compensation will perfectly fit the given instruments specs.

Bridge Pinhole Marking
As with saddle slot cutting, this add-on for acoustic guitars is based on the Plek instrument scan, resulting in perfectly placed pin hole markings.

Nut slot cutting for instruments with “paired” strings, e.g. 12-string guitars or mandolins.


Additional Custom STS Fixtures
STS fixtures can be made to order for individual guitar series.

Additional Fret Cutter Heads (FCH)Each Plek Pro comes with two FCH as standard. Additional FCH can be purchased as backup.

Additional Neck Relief Gauges (NRG)
Additional NRG can be purchased for instrument models with different scales.


Cloud Configuration Backup
Your machine configuration files can be automatically stored online as an insurance against data loss. Cloud Configuration Backup means that machines can be rapidly restored to their pre-loss settings.

Cloud Production Data Backup
Production guitar files can be automatically backed up to our cloud storage facility. Together with the Plek Remote File Viewer, this means that data is available not only for backup purposes, but also for quality control from remote locations.

Machine Protocol Database
The Machine Protocol Database can be used to gather invaluable information about production quality, machine and operator performance, and cycle times. The database can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection.

Remote File Viewer
The Plek Remote File Viewer makes it possible to monitor individual guitar quality, with complete access to scan records, from any location. Ideal for high-level production monitoring and quality control.