Every plek pro installation is custom configured to your own production specifications, whether single machine, multi-machine, OEM, multi-facility production, special requirements, etc. The following section is designed to give you an overview of the possibilities and potentials that plek pro machines can offer.

Standard Modules

The plek pro in its most basic form is configured with a scanning module and two cutting modules, as well as with internal and external STS modules.

HFS MODULE: High Frequency Spindle / Nut Cutting
The plek pro’s second cutting module is a High Frequency Motor Spindle (HFS) rotating at 5.000 – 50.000
r.p.m., which is used for cutting nut surface and nut slots, as well as a range of other optional functions. A selection of several precision rotary bits (ball-, shaft-, cone-type) can be automatically loaded from a toolholder panel.

The scanning module basically consists of a sensor finger combined with a high-resolution magnetic linear encoder. This sensor is able to measure all relevant parameters of a guitar’s playability: action, fretboard relief, fretboard contour, fret height, fret spacing as well as nut and saddle details. All this at a resolution of 0.001 mm (0.00004’’). For further processing, the plek pro’s software analyzes and displays all measurements numerically and as diagrams.

For fret dressing the plek pro makes use of a specially manufactured carbide cutting wheel contoured for cutting the desired fret height as well as rounding the fret crown simultaneously. Plek pro fretcutters are accurate down to 0.01 mm (0.0004’’). Each fret cutter comes with 2 or 3 customized shapes matched to your fretwire specs.

The internal STS is controlled by the software. All the relevant process parameters for the selected guitar/bass model are loaded via a pre-assigned template, including the required STS air pressure.

The external STS is a stand-alone device which can be used to undertake standardized trussrod adjustment prior to insertion in the plek pro. This results in significant production time speed-up by minimizing load/unload times and avoiding interruptions in the main machine. One single external STS can serve multiple plek pro machines. The plek pro is optimized to work together with the external STS in a production environment.

The external STS comes together with a neck relief gauge which can be used to check neck/trussrod adjustment when the instrument is placed under simulated string tension. Each neck relief gauge is customized according to the scale of the instrument series. Taken together, these two components help to greatly reduce cycle times.

To ensure the 100% accuracy of the plek process, all guitar STS fixtures are custom-made for your instruments. One set of fixturesis included as standard in our production packages. Additional fixturesmay be purchased as required.