We’re very proud to be able to count some world-famous brands among our Plek Station owners.

Trailblazing firms such as Cole Clark Guitars, Fodera, Santa Cruz and Duesenberg have all integrated the Plek Station into their production processes.

At the same time, an elite group of highly respected repair experts have also been so convinced by the accuray of the Plek that they have included it into their tool arsenal. These include such guitar gurus as TJ Thompson, Joe Glaser, Ian Weston, Charlie Chandler and Gary Brawer. And of course, a number of larger companies – such as Cosmo Music, Musikhaus Thomann, Sweetwater and Yorkville have also cottoned on to the potential that a Plek Station can bring to their repair departments.

And if you are already an owner of a Plek machine, and are missing your name in the above list, just send us a link to an online video and we will happily include it!