This month we would like to introduce a company close to our heart – our friends at PlekHaus Berlin.

PlekHaus Berlin is run by Jörg Kuhlo, an expert luthier and guitar tech with over 30 years of experience. Jörg lived moved to the US in the 1980s and worked with Washburn and Guild before setting up his own business in Berkeley, California. He moved back to Germany in 1994 and has been building his famous Kuhlo Guitars and running PlekHaus here in Berlin-Kreuzberg since 2006.

Here’s Jörg in his own words:

“Every day I get a lot of musicians coming into my shop. All of them see their guitars not just as instruments, but as tools, as an important part of who they are. That is why I am happy that here at PlekHaus I can offer them what is simply the best thing that can happen to a guitar in terms of playability.

“Plekking” is basically an extremely exact, machine-based way of dressing frets, not just for guitars, but for more or less for the whole family of plucked string instruments. With the Plek machine, we work at tolerances of thousandths of an inch. This means that the results – what the players experience on the instrument – are also unbelievably exact. In addition we can also use the Plek machine to work on the fingerboard and nut of a guitar…. What comes out of the machine is a great sounding, buzz-free guitar – essentially as good as it can be – and completely in accordance with the specifications laid down by the owner at the start of the process. Pure perfection!

Jörg Kuhlo of PlekHaus Berlin


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I get a lot of feedback from my customers, in person, or in emails or over the phone. Invariably they are totally happy with the playability and the sound of their instruments. …. And that is what I love about my work: being able to give a perfect instrument back to its owner. That always gives me the feeling that I have helped to bring that player just that little bit closer to his or her instrument.”

Well said Jörg, that just about says it all!

For more information on PlekHaus Berlin check out their website  – – or their facebook page