Introducing the Plek Station

An introduction to the Plek Station, a multi-functional high precision tool and visualisation system for professional luthiers and guitar repair experts.

The Plek System is more than just a single machine – it is a way of integrating your Plek Pro and String Tension Simulator machines into a complete system for your instrument manufacturing process.

An overview of the Plek Pro System

Martin Guitar

Fred Greene of Martin Guitar talks about playability and the Plek:

Rett Shull ( pays a visit to Righteous Guitars to find out more about the Plek process.

How does a Plek machine work?

Charlie Chandler's Guitar Experience

Kim of Charlie Chandler’s Guitar Experience gives an in-depth guide to using the Plek in a re-fret. Check out the second part of the video here.

Miles Jackson of Cole Clark guitars talks about taking guitar-making to “the next level”.

Cole Clark Guitars