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Plek is many things to many different people. We like to think of it as a question – What makes for the best possible playability in a guitar? – which we have turned into a machine.
It is also way of looking at the fingerboard, the frets, the strings, of your instruments. It is the application of decades of research and experience, and dialogue with master guitar builders.
It is a philosophy, an idea of quality and playability, as well as a technology.

For more information on Plek machines, the Plek system, and Plek technology, take a look at the links below. Whether your focus is on guitar production, quality control and research [making], or on repair and maximum flexibility [repairing] or whether you are a musician looking to get the best out of your instrument [playing], you are in the right place.

Plek machines provide an invaluable set of tools for professional guitar makers. If you are a guitar manufacturer producing upwards of 400 instruments per month you ought to start by taking a look at the Plek Pro. If you are an individual luthier or a small manufacturer, it is probably best to check out the PLEK STATION.

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Guitar repair requires a machine that can deal with any type of instrument and which offers maximum flexibility. Check out the standard and optional features of the PLEK STATION, which is used by reputed repair shops throughout the world. The Plek Station can also be used for research and development, or quality control.

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If you are a musician looking to get the best from your instrument, then check out the advantages that a Plek job can bring. View our video explainers to see what other people think about the Plek process. Then take a look at our list of repair shops to find your nearest Plek-equipped guitar expert!

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More on the Plek experience

The Plek System

Plek is more than just a machine, it is an entire process environment that helps you to achieve optimum playability for your instruments. Take a look at our Plek System feature for some insight into how the Plek world fits together.

Plek technology simply

explained in our videos

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Plek owners – both builders and repairers – are rightly proud of the work they do with their machines. Here is a selection of Plek-related Instagram pictures.