Service is a key part of the Plek system and ranges from support, to software updates, fret cutter blade sharpening, machine tuning and maintenance, to operator training and consulting:

Setup and Training
Machine setup and on-site operator training by experienced Plek experts. Further/advanced training is also available on request. See Setup and Training for more details.
Support and Monitoring
Our global support network is available to help you with any questions relating to Plek machines and the Plek process. Our online monitoring system makes it possible to react quickly and efficiently in all support cases. See Support for more details.
Software Updates
Plek Pro software is constantly being updated and developed further, normally at the rate of two major releases per year. Please refer to our service plans for pricing and payment details.
Fretcutter Resharpening
We offer fret cutter resharpening services for all machines. See our Fretcutter Service section for more details
Machine Maintenance Service
Regular maintenance and servicing ensures that your machines are kept in a state of optimum productive readiness.
Spare and Replacement Parts
We offer a full range of spare and replacement parts.
Consulting Services
Further consulting services are available to deal with all your Plek-related requirements.
Service Plans
In order to ensure the best possible service delivery to our customers we have created a number of service plans to fit individual requirements:

  • SERVICES ON DEMAND A service plan for customers with low or sporadic service requirements
  • PLEK BASIC Designed for smaller businesses with no frequent need of services and support, this service plan aims to minimize costs.
  • PLEK STANDARD This flexible service plan is designed for small to medium-sized businesses with relatively low instrument turnover
  • PLEK PREMIUM Ideal for larger enterprises. The full range of premium services plus complete cost control. Please refer to our Service Plan brochure for full details on each service plan.

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