In addition to years of experience, and the intuition, skills and passion of a master luthier or guitar tech, the art of guitar repair also requires one additional essential element: Tools that are up to the job.

Here at Plek, our aim is to provide you with state-of-the-art tools whenever you are faced with any fingerboard, fret or neck-related challenges.

The Plek Station (and of course, the Plek Pro in repairshop mode) is able to plane a fingerboard, taking into account your compound radius specs and creating individual fretboard relief under each string.

It can cut fret slots, nut pockets, saddle slots, nut slots and also cut multiple nuts simultaneously.

It can cut and crown frets to an accuracy of a thousandth of a millimeter, whilst implementing your fretplane relief and fret radius specs.

The Plek can tell you what is wrong – and what is right – about a fingerboard by providing you with precise information about fret heights, string action, nut and saddle heights, fingerboard and fretplane relief and differences in fret radius.

It also lets you try out different solutions, in what we call the Virtual Fret Dress, before your instructions are implemented precisely by the machine itself.

And after it has carried out the tasks you have set it, the Plek conducts a final quality scan, to let you know what the results are.

Come and check out the capabilities of the Plek machine. Take a look at the Plek process, get an idea of what a Plek machine can do for you.