To help you understand the world of Plek technology, we recommend that you first take a look at the ideas behind Plek.

Fundamentally, our whole system is built on helping the player, the builder, the repair tech, to achieve a maximum of quality in terms of setup, fingerboard relief, fretwork.

Quality means different things to different people, and our system is basically just a method and a set of tools to help you achieve your quality goals.

Once you have grasped the general principles you can check out the Plek process. In its simplest form, this process consists of a scan-visualize-act-scan action set:

The first scan analyzes the instrument, enabling you to visualize further actions with our Virtual Fret Dress system.

Once you have determined what to do, you can tell the machine to do it, i.e. act. Then you check what you have done.

If you are looking for inspiration or detailed technical information, check out our other resources, such as videos and dowloads. We have a host of videos dealing with technical aspects of the system, as well as interviews with Plek experts.

And if you have questions regarding terminology, or specific aspects of guitar setup, repair or manufacture, check out our Knowledge Base, which we will be putting online in the next week or two.