The world's first solar powered Plek machine

We have to say it – we were very impressed, maybe even a little envious – of Twin Town Guitars’ fantastic – solar powered – neon “Plek Service” sign….

Not only that, but the store’s guitar fanatics were so keen to get their new machine up and running that they pushed it down a snow-bound Minneapolis street and down a flight of stairs on its way into the building.

That might seem like a pretty adventurous way of doing things, but their dedication now means that Twin Town Guitars is now the first and only music store in the upper Midwest to offer a full PLEK service.

Twin Town Guitars is first and foremost a music store by and for musicians. Founded in August 1997, and owned by Andrew and Carrie Bell, the vision for the shop is simple: Get it done honestly, quickly, correctly, and affordably. The staff is made up of musicians, who are in the studio and on the stage, who know how to play and what to expect, and who just plain want to help you make music.

In 2011, TTG became Minnesota’s first home to Solar Powered Rock by adding 100 solar panels to the roof of the building.

And in 2019 Twin Town Guitars took high-tech a stage further by announcing that they are now proud owners of a brand-new – solar-powered- Plek machine.

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